experimental research of laser cutting 1cr17mn6ni5n Welding steel

experimental research of laser cutting 1cr17mn6ni5n Welding steel

Conventional Shaping the Edges of Thick Steel Plates

Abstract:The paper presents the results of theoretical analysis and experimental details of shaping the edges of thick steel plate using conventional technology. The aim The aim was to determine the influence of holes laser cutting on the shape and technological possibilities of the steel sheet edges flanging.

Cutting Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel by Using

  • AbstractIntroductionExperimental ProcedureExperimental Results and DiscussionsConclusionsRecently, laser cutting is used in many industries. Generally, in laser cutting of metallic materials, suitable assist gas and its nozzle are needed to remove the molten metal. However, because of the gas nozzle should be set closer to the surface of a workpiece, existence of the nozzle seems to prevent laser cutting from being used flexible. Therefore, the new cutting process, Assist Gas Free laser cutting or AGF laser cutting, has been developed. In this process, the pressure at the bottom side of a workpiecComposition Change of Stainless Steels during Keyhole also affected by welding parameters WELDING RESEARCH 258-s WELDING JOURNAL / JULY 2017, VOL. 96 Composition Change of Stainless Steels during Keyhole Mode Laser Welding The experimental and theoretical study of composition changed during keyhole mode welding of stainless steels T. LIU, L. J. YANG, H. L. WEI, W. C. QIU, AND T. DEBROY ABSTRACT Experimental investigation of hydrodynamics of melt experimental results. 1. Introduction Since its invention in the 1960s, laser cutting of steel has been widely used in industries owing to its advantage of processing speed or capability of automation. Along with applications, a number of research works have been conducted to understand the fundamental mechanism of the process. Now there exist

    Experimental study of laser-oxygen cutting of low-carbon

    Oct 31, 2014 · Abstract. The results of an experimental study of laser-oxygen cutting of low-carbon steel using fibre and CO{sub 2} lasers are generalised. The dependence of roughness of the cut surface on the cutting parameters is investigated, and the conditions under which the surface roughness is minimal are formulated. Figure 1 from Investigating the CO2 laser cutting Abstract Laser cutting of medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a complicated process and the selection of the process parameters combinations is essential to get the highest quality cut section. This paper presents a means for selecting the process parameters for laser cutting of MDF based on the design of experiments (DOE) approach.

    Geometry and absorptance of the cutting fronts during

    Jun 29, 2020 · Cutting of stainless steel was performed using a disk laser with a wavelength of 1.03 m in combination with a Precitec ProCutter cutting head.The focal lengths of the collimating and focusing lenses were 100 and 150 mm, respectively. High-quality laser cutting of stainless steel - OSTI.GOVSep 30, 2015 · @article{osti_22551181, title = {Experimental comparison of laser energy losses in high-quality laser-oxygen cutting of low-carbon steel using radiation from fibre and CO{sub 2} lasers}, author = {Golyshev, A A and Malikov, A G and Orishich, A M and Shulyat'ev, V B}, abstractNote = {We report a comparative experimental study of laseroxygen cutting of low-carbon steel using a fibre laser with a

    In the beginning [the history of laser cutting

    The first experiment in laser materials processing which was subsequently to evolve into a significant industrial process, was conducted in May 1967 when Peter Houldcroft used an oxygen assist gas to cut 1mm thick steel sheet with a focused CO 2 laser beam. Laser Spot Micro-Welding of Ultra-Thin Steel SheetMar 23, 2021 · The experiments are performed on the laser welding machine in AAC Technology, Shenzhen, China. The overall structure diagram of the experimental setup is shown in Figure 1. A pulse laser is used for welding. The radius of the laser spot at the focal position is 0.48 mm. Besides, two ANSI 304 stainless steel ultra-thin plates with a size of 0.12 mm

    Laser Welding Processes for Martensitic Chromium Steels

    Oct 14, 2020 · Laser Welding Processes for Martensitic Chromium Steels. Martensitic chromium steels are one of the steel grades with a future, steels that are ideal for automotive applications since they are both lightweight and corrosion resistant. These materials are particularly in demand for the design of collision-safe battery boxes for electric cars. Laser Welding of AISI 316 Steel:Microstructural and May 27, 2013 · Research on Laser Welding of High-Strength Galvanized Automobile Steel Sheets, Microstructure and Residual Stress Formation in Induction-Assisted Laser Welding of the Steel S690QL, Study Into the Measurement and Prediction of Penetration Time During CO2 Laser Cutting

    Penetration Depth in Laser Beam Welding

    Penetration Depth in Laser Beam Welding An analysis resulted in two eions for depth of penetration, both of which can be used to determine laser beam welding parameters for any steel BY E. A. METZBOWER ABSTRACT. The depth of penetration in laser beam welding of steels has been determined by two different techniques. Practical Numerical Simulation of Laser Welding for Chukkan, et al. "Simulation of laser butt welding of AISI 316 stainless steel sheet using various heat sources and experimental validation." Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2015:48-59. Eriksson, I, J. Powell, and A. F. Kaplan. "Melt behavior on the keyhole front during high speed laser welding." Optics and

    Radiation monitoring of laser welding Industrial Laser

    Jul 14, 2015 · Experimental results have shown that it can detect the following laser welding features and defects:conduction and keyhole welding modes, laser-back reflection by the laser head and the work piece, full penetration keyhole, low-power weld, lack of penetration, steel-edge surface notches, porosity, gap variation, and lack of fusion. Research Papers - 2015 :Welding Journal :Publications Weld geometry and cooling rates with a laser-arc hybrid process were investigated both experimentally and theoretically. by H. L. Wei et al. Published 04/2015; Interfacial Microstructure of Laser Brazed AZ31B Magnesium to Sn Plated Steel Sheet This research seeks to make the joining of magnesium alloys to steel sheet easier and more reliable

    Research on laser welding of cast Ni-based superalloy

    Experiments of laser welding of the turbo disk and the shaft were con-ducted on a 3kW Nd:YAG laser materials processing systems with ve-axes computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) working station without any ller metal. The employed parameters were based on our previous work, i.e., laser weld-ing of 3.5mm thickness at plates materials. STUDY ON LASER WELDING OF DUAL PHASE STEELF. B. CHANG et al.:STUDY ON LASER WELDING OF DUAL PHASE STEEL METALURGIJA 60 (2021) 3-4, 365-367 CONCLUSION In this paper, Neodymium-doped Yttrium Alumi-num Garnet crystal laser welding machine is used to weld dual phase steel the conclusion is as follows:Through the experimental analysis, it can be concluded

    high vacuum magnetron sputtering coater pvd vacuum

    Dual-target RF magnetron sputtering coater is a cost-effective magnetron sputtering coating equipment independently developed by our company. It is standardized, modular and customizable. upc.edu.cn · Web viewExperimental study and numerical simulation on the SSCC in FV520B stainless steel exposed to H2S+ClEnvironment Wei, Renchao(1,2); Chen, Xuedong(1,2); Ai, Zhibin(2); Jin, Youhai(1) (1) College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Huadong), Qingdao; 266580, China; (2) Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Hefei; 230031

    Experimental Investigation of Laser Welding Process in

    Laser welding is used in the automotive industry for welding bodies with up to How to cite this paper:Jacques, L. and El Ouafi, A. (2017) Experimental Investiga-


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